Chicken Scratch for the Soul

Thursday, March 31, 2005

new hobby: modelling

No I haven't become a Barbizon model, I finally decided to start learning 3d graphics. Mostly for game engines, as I don't really see myself doing the sort of tedious work of rendered still art. I'm not so much into "shooter" games like UT, but I'd love to make models for RPGs or sims type of games and maybe give them out for some existing game projects. Or maybe I'll just doodle, or maybe I'll give it up in frustration or boredom like so many of my other hobbies ... time will tell I guess.

Still, the thought of me as an artist is possibly more laughable than me as a model (you may need to find a new top of the derision scale however). I can hardly draw a straight line. I certainly can't draw people -- preschoolers would laugh at my stick figures. Perspective and shading, yes I understand, I don't need to learn about the goddamn vanishing point yet again in yet another useless "how to draw" book, but what I see and imagine doesn't translate into my hand even as a rough sketch. It's not really like I've tried though, I'll admit that much. Most artists I know have started rough, but always felt compelled to draw (or drawn to it, har har) all the time, sketching, doodling, and so on, until they were creating graphic novel style art, with notebooks full of their sketches. Not me, I would get frustrated one minute in and come out with nothing but doodles.

Well, I think I've established that I'm no artist. Yet I've decided to just learn 3d graphics all the same. I know code, even though I don't hack much anymore, and if I disciplined myself, I could probably write some sort of really complex non-realtime game (discipline is certainly not my strong suit, but that's another story). I don't actually care so much about the code part of 3d graphics anymore, so I don't really want to know about quaternions and transformational geometry and all that just yet. I might pick up interest in the future. Right now, I want to just create simple things, do something I've never done before, stop hunting for the perfect programming language, stop writing yet another CRUD screen app in java/python/ruby/etc, and learn something really new, but something that still meshes at least a little with what I'm already good at. So, computer graphics it is.

I picked up Blender and started with the WikiBooks tutorial on creating a stick man. It's such a crude little figure, but I was actually gleeful learning just this much. Now I'm hitting the manuals. Anyone with tips to offer this lost but curious new enthusiast, reply away...

Obligatory "I don't blog" blogpost

In the great tradition of blog metadiscourse (that is, blogging about blogging) and hip detached irony and whatnot, I figured on making my first post about my disdain for the whole "blogging" thing, and get self-referential about how I'm posting this on a blog, and be self-referential about the whole self-referentiality thing until I break this runon sentence with something like ...


Ok, that's out of the way.

This isn't my angsty dream journal, and I don't care to detail every last bit of minutae of my life. . I'm not one to pepper everything I say with Dave Barry -esque style witticisms, nor do I reveal much in the way of profound insightful takes on everyday life. I'm certainly not a journalist either. Basically, if you, gentle reader, like my subjects, then go ahead and leave me an email or a reply or something. Likely though it is that this is just me shouting into the darkness, I like the idea of a blog being a two-way thing...