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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Obligatory "I don't blog" blogpost

In the great tradition of blog metadiscourse (that is, blogging about blogging) and hip detached irony and whatnot, I figured on making my first post about my disdain for the whole "blogging" thing, and get self-referential about how I'm posting this on a blog, and be self-referential about the whole self-referentiality thing until I break this runon sentence with something like ...


Ok, that's out of the way.

This isn't my angsty dream journal, and I don't care to detail every last bit of minutae of my life. . I'm not one to pepper everything I say with Dave Barry -esque style witticisms, nor do I reveal much in the way of profound insightful takes on everyday life. I'm certainly not a journalist either. Basically, if you, gentle reader, like my subjects, then go ahead and leave me an email or a reply or something. Likely though it is that this is just me shouting into the darkness, I like the idea of a blog being a two-way thing...


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